A glimpse of my week…

Weeee, Finally, Im back! :)

I was not able to visit this blog for a long period of time again. And I think it’s a good thing too for I have able to give more time to my “away-to-social-networks life” I can no longer chase time in posting my daily living diary. Im so sorry. But this time, I’ll try my best to let you know what are the highlights happening at me together with my family.

Let me bullet some of them.

  • The Holy Week

I was able to get a one week vacation from work.. so I can spend my week with my family. And my week turned great, We were just in our home for 4 days but DURING THE BLACK SATURDAY, the family decided to celebrate Easter Sunday

in advance at the beach. 

I always admire the creations of God. He’s so great! :) 

  • The Health of my Aunt

Last week before the holy week, my aunt was admitted at the hospital and undergone so many laboratory procedures. The last one she had was the colonscopy. She always have an abdominal pain right below her tummy. And we were not happy about the result because the doctor found a malignant tumor on her colon. :( Our family, again, put our hands together for her. She will have to undergo a surgery soon. May you help me pray for her fast recovery. I believe in God. I always have faith on Him. :)

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“You don’t always get answers for what happens - because sometimes the answers were not for you, they were lessons for someone else…”
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Family first. :)

Spending time with family is important. We often get so wrapped up in the importance of money or other things in life that we sometimes forget about the most important little things…  Sometimes events happen in life that often delays us from being able to do the things that we would like to do more… 

Merienda time: Eating Lugaw, Pancit canton, Carcar’s best Chicharon with fambam… obkors dli mawala akong pinalanggang Coke!  ✫✫✫✫ #restday #spendingtimewithfamily 

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Dearest April! ;)

Month of March Highlights

  • The death of my cousin
  • The most awaited ending of Got to believe in Magic
  • The wedding of my Kuya Dennis
  • A mini-reunion with my college buddies Jar and Happy
  • A little get together with my closed friends 
  • Ma Lucy’s vacation in the U.S
  • Cousin’s College Graduation
  • A tiring vaccine schedule for anti-rabies

March was like a roller coaster ride.. indeed, twas a mixture of different life scenarios from mourning to moving on…

Here comes April. 


Monthly Goals:

  • Celebrate Holy week in my hometown without affecting my working schedule
  • Buy dvd copies of movies I would love to watch ( Miracle in Cell no. 7 and My Love from another star, specifically)
  • Eat Nutritious foods and try to avoid softdrinks
  • Buy books
  • Treat family during pay day
  • Inspire people
  • Update my wordpress
  • Avoid back works at work
  • Read bible and attend the Sunday Mass

(will think more… forgot the rest.. :p )

To God be the Glory!

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“Have you ever noticed that words are powerful and can brand you no matter if its good or bad. Be careful what you say. Some things cant be forgotten..”

— Super Anj

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“If we women have to be subjected to periods & the related pains every month, guys should have to get repeatedly kicked in the balls three days every month”

 Super Anj

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Short post, or whatever! hehe

I kinda missed blogging a lot. I don’t have any thoughts right now but I, maybe, will post some quotes… :)

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“Let go of your anger and choose to make each day your best day. We have many battles in life but they are not all meant to be fought or even won..”
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During the wedding. My lola will be leaving to U.S soon so I never waste any moment to have a picture with her. I love her much :)

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Oh March-busy-as-bee!

Who missed me? I guess, nothing else but you, my dear diary…I just want to apologize first for this post due to the reason that this is only a wrapped up of everything and this is not that long. I just came home from my pm shift and so tired. Even though, still, would like to update this just to let you know that I am still into you Tumblr.

 March is one of the busiest months I have this year 2014. Why? For soooooo many reasons. First is the burial of my younger cousin; next is the wedding of my Kuya; lastly is the reunion dinner date with my college buddies Happy and Jaroline. It is so hard to have an extra activities other than your work but I successfully attended them! *Slow clap for that*

Sorrow and happiness had played a great part of the month. After hearing the news about the early death of my cousin in the age of 14, the family decided to shortened our grief for we already have planned the wedding of kuya and we cant postponed it anymore. After a week, the wedding was held. 

It’s so magical to witness the vows made by the couple. Love, if its true no matter how long you are in a relationship or the contrary, will always find its right match in the end. 


All my relatives are there during the wedding. Can you guess the motif? 


YES! ITS RED and Golden Yellow! :D Isn’t it obvious? xD

The reunion with my friends was a blast, fantastic, and tongue satisfying! :) We were having a dinner date at Lemon Grass, Ayala and the place was awesome. After dinner, we went to the bookstore to check for some books then decided to stay at Starbucks for our chitchat. Its been 2 years or so since we last see each other..image

More pictures click read more

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